Sometimes, we conduct leather craft lessons.

This is somewhat new to us, so formats will change on occasion, but what won’t change is our conviction that each class attendee has to walk away with new skills.

If you’re interested in attending a class, hit us up in the comments below.

Erm, We’re in Singapore, so I doubt it would be practical for non-residents of this island to join us.


4 responses to “Learn

  1. Ariff

    Hi Iwould like to know more about the class…how much does it cost?

    • Hi Ariff,
      I don’t have classes planned for the rest of this year, it’s been busy! Next year, however, may have a beginners class lined up.
      I’ll keep you posted on costs!

      • Azriel Benjamin Tan

        Hello! Was looking around for a class and saw your site. Was amazed by your products and am just wondering it you have any classes for this year? Please keep me posted as well!

      • Hi Benjamin, thanks for the kind words. My day job has been keeping me firming floored, so I’m really not sure when I’ll have time to put together a class. I’m collecting all of your expressions of interest though, and I’ll keep you and the rest posted.
        Have a great week ahead.

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