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A large Clutch

Size matters a lot to women it seems.

It needs to be large enough to fit everything, yet not so large as to make movement cumbersome.

The Clutch.

Handmade from a single piece of veg-tanned Buffalo hide, the Clutch holds a wallet, a cellphone, and various other ‘girlie’ things.

Okay, that’s a Rollei 35 S inside, which isn’t a ‘girlie’ thing. It’s a serious photographic tool damnit. But yes, you get the picture.

Available here.



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All about straps

So in addition to leather craft, we like cameras. A lot. And when the two meet, you end up with straps.

We make, and sell camera straps for almost any type of camera. From Mamiya RBs (a heavy beast that will over-deliver on your image expectations every_damn_time) to older cameras with ring-style strap lugs.

The one that is our current favourite?

Handcut from Veg-tanned Buffalo hide, right along the spine (leather is strongest when cut from head to tail, rather than across. I’ve confused you haven’t I?) and then hand burnished.

They look like this fitted.

These are 1/2″ thick, about 40″ long when attached to your camera.

Get them here.

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