We make leather goods.

Based in the very humid city of Singapore, hide industrie was started because we wanted fine leather goods, but handmade especially for us.

So we did it.

hide industrie is Alvin, who makes the goods, and B, who gets to use any of the goods that she likes.

hide industrie makes camera straps, totes, messenger bags, and device cases.

All by hand, and always unique.

Our Etsy store is here and we welcome custom requests as well.


5 responses to “About

  1. Ching Hin

    Hi, I am very inspired by your work, I am looking for a leather crafter in Singapore to start doing business with, dealing leathers from Italia, are you interested to help us?

  2. Pauline

    I am interested to find out more about the leather lessons in Singapore. Please email to me. Thank you!

    • Hi Pauline,
      thanks for getting in touch with. Unfortunately, my day job (I run a small digital agency) has been keeping me stupid busy, and leather craft lessons have been put on hold.
      I’ll let you know when I do find some time to get back into this.



  3. Susan Lam

    I am keen on taking lessons on leather craft. If you do have time to start your class, please include me in your mailing list please.
    Many thanks

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