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New York

About 3 weeks ago, the partner and I made a trip to New York. She for work, me for..well, does anyone really need a reason to visit New York? New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong. These are cities that I absolutely adore, and I return to them whenever I have the chance.

24 hours of travelling later.

And, as per my habit, I made a bag for the trip.

Well actually, I redid a bag that I’d made previously for the trip. It was a smallish sling bag that I’d made then never really used.

Inspired by vintage-military style bags, it is shaped like a traditional ‘Bread loaf’ bag, it was meant to hold an iPad and assorted daily essentials.

Since I was going to do a lot of walking and making sudden stops to take photos (gawddamn tourists), I figured it something this compact would lessen the chance of an irate local crashing into me.

Went to work.

New fasteners were handcut and burnished. Hardware was upcycled from the existing bag.

And done.

It worked out perfect. Held a med-format camera (the Fuji GA645zi came along for this trip), film-pack, a book, mints, and until the heat wave hit, a scarf.

Sidenote: NY, wtf man. 38, 39 degree centigrade is NOT pleasant summer weather.

But hey, you give me photos like this, so I’ll forgive you.


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