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No, I am still here

Yes yes, it has been yonks since this has seen an update. Yada yada.

In between the demands of work, dog and my very patient girlfriend, I have still managed to squeeze in some leathercraft. Will share some photos of them here.

A friend of a friend got in touch with me and requested a Knife Sheath. “Interesting, I’ve never made one before. Should be fun”. So we arranged to meet, and it was after work so he was dressed in pants and a long sleeved shirt, the default uniform of salaried workers the world over. And then from his paper bag, he pulls out 3 bloody lethal-looking knives. Now these are serious hunting tools. These aren’t the knives that young boy scouts pack. No sir. These are high carbon steel blades that are designed for maximum sharpness and ease of cutting. He tried to explain that he went hunting a lot. Then clarified that he did that in Malaysia, and not urban Singapore.

The lesson here is that you never know who is packing a 3″ carbon steel blade. It almost stopped me from flipping the bird to clueless drivers for a full day. Almost.

Anyhow. I made him this. Its Veg tanned Buffalo hide, with a suede lining. Saddle-stitched along one side, with a belt hoop. Was an interesting project.


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