A Tall Bag

Sometimes, projects start from the oddest circumstances.

I had been working on a tote for B for a while, but she hadn’t gotten back to me about the length of the straps she preferred so that was stalled.

Then, I’d recently purchased a couple of bag claps and then there was this leather that I’d been saving up, and I didn’t have much planned for the day… So on a Sat morning, a new project was begun.

I kinda knew what I wanted to make: a larger version of the Big Clutch, but this time with straps, so that it would be workday-ready.

Straps. Pricked and ready for stitching. When you’ve a pair of straps to make, a pricking iron and good sound deadening are the two friends that will save your ass.

Clasp and strap stitched. I actually did the leather strip for the clasp twice because I suddenly decided to line the bag with pigskin. Yes kids, indecision will cost you dearly.

The leather is a waxed cow hide with a subtle grain. Glossy, but lovely to the touch. I’d liked the hide from the moment I’d seen it, and I’m glad that the design of the bag showed it off nicely.

The sewing itself didn’t take as long as I’d been bracing myself for. All in all, this bag took the weekend, from ‘staring into space’ phase to final clipping of loose thread ends.

Additional photos of the complete item follow.

An open view of the Tall Bag, shown with the first thing I could grab. In this case, a carved leather notebook from India.

A full view of it. The iPhone 4 gets a tad confused when there is too dominant a colour within the frame, which explains why it looks red here.

Overall dimensions: About 10in across, and 11in tall.

B likes it, so I guess it turned out pretty well.


Comments always welcome so say hi below.



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2 responses to “A Tall Bag

  1. Mary Clarke

    Great Job! Looks real smart yet elegant.

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