Because it’s a Leica right?

So this one stumped me for a bit.

A good friend asked for a lens cap holder to give as a gift to a Leica-owning relative.

First thought was “Whats wrong with pockets?” But, after a couple of failed attempts, including a visit to the Peninsular area to ask for the actual dimensions of a Leica lens cap (I’ve never bought one out of poverty and principle), this is the result.

Single piece of buffalo hide, stitched at the back and fastened with a snap.

Unlikely I’d ever make another since it is just so fiddly to do the stitching if you’re not a Hobbit. The bottle of Macallan in the background did not have anything to do with the slow pace of assembly.

Well, last I heard, the user was mighty pleased with it, and it now sits proudly on the strap of his M9.


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One response to “Because it’s a Leica right?

  1. jolyn

    It’s awesome!!!!!

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